Scientific education and research blossom within the Technical University of Eindhoven student teams that develop and build different inventions to compete internationally with other university teams. Check below some of them:



Solar Team Eindhoven will participate in the World Solar Challenge in 2015. This is the race for solar mobility pioneers. Armed with a new concept, Solar Team Eindhoven will compete in the Cruiser Class. We will show what our vision of the ‘car of the future‘ is. Winning the World Solar Challenge is one of the main goals of Solar Team Eindhoven, but not our only goal. Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable future. We want to realize an innovative car which is ready for the market of tomorrow.


Team FAST envisions a world with sustainable energy as the standard, without having a negative impact on our society, economy and way of life. Team FAST will create a system which can be easily realized in the current infrastructure and therefore easily implemented in the current way of life.


Blue Jay operates since September 2015 as a team of 18 top students from different faculties across the Eindhoven University of Technology. Their multi-disciplinary team is highly motivated to show the potential of drones in home environments, in which they can really make a difference.


STORM Eindhoven has developed the world’s first electric touring motorcycles and is traveling around the world in 80 days.

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