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the story behind

In July 2013 Eindhoven Startups started as an informal group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs started its activities. All lead by volunteers who were looking to have a word in the ecosystem. Since the the group became a non-profit organisation led by a group of volunteers that want to make Eindhoven and Brainport even more relevant on the startup map and activate all the stakeholders of the ecosystem to have a more startup active area.

Since 2013, Eindhoven Startups Foundation organised more than 130 events and have more than 600 member, plus endless love and support to other programs with the same goal.


we are a small team with big dreams

Nothing could be possible without the support of the startups in the city, the local government, Brainport and startups programs, but on daily basis there is a motivated team who shares the passion to build something together.

Here you can meet them!

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'

Margaret Mead

best team

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez Captain
  • Amelie He
    Amelie He PR & Digital Communications
  • Kagan Akbas Front-End & PR
  • Chris van Baal
    Chris van Baal Digital Affairs
  • Juan Castro
    Juan Castro Digital Mind
  • Bibiana Martinez
    Bibiana Martinez Lawyer and Content Creator
  • Ivona Skultetyova
    Ivona Skultetyova ehvLINC MD
  • Frank Rutgers
    Frank Rutgers ehvLINC MD
  • Jörgen Martin
    Jörgen Martin Event Support
  • Calcetines
    Calcetines Pet & Email Administration

Best board

  • Peter Weijmarshausen
    Peter Weijmarshausen Advisory Board Member
  • Joep Brouwers
    Joep Brouwers Advisory Board Member
  • Ed Winters
    Ed Winters Board Member
  • Peter van Schaik
    Peter van Schaik Board Member
  • Marc Köhlbrugge
    Marc Köhlbrugge Board Member
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